Dri Mark UV Pro Plus-B Detector Pen Fraud Protection UVPROPLUS-B

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The Ultraviolet Flashlight for Identity Verification

Single UV Pro with 3 batteries included in blister card packaging. This powerful, yet compact ultraviolet flashlight has powerful UV LEDs to authenticate IDs, credit cards, and other official documents. The UV Pro puts power in the hands of front-line employees who need to make quick and accurate decisions regarding verification of identification, money, and more.

Professional quality compact ultraviolet flashlight for authentication of documents and detection of counterfeit currency.

Easy To Use: Bars, restaurants, convenience stores, and special event organizers can quickly train staff to use the UV Pro flashlight in a variety of settings to check for forged IDs and to protect themselves ever-more-sophisticated fake documents and banknotes.

Compact Size: The compact size of the UV Pro ultraviolet flashlight makes it an ideal tool in high-volume venues that may lack the counter space required for other detection equipment. The UV Pro can easily fit into a pocket, an apron, or on a lanyard.

  • Detec Counterfeit Money

  • Verify IDs



  • LED based technology for maximum reliability.

  • Utilizes proprietary, high quality optimal short wave UV LEDs for effective visibility of UV features

  • Uses 3 AAA batteries. 100+ hours on a fresh set

  • Detects UV features on drivers licenses, passports, credit cards, travelers checks and most paper currencies, including the US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Chinese Yuan and Hong Kong Dollar

  • Perfect for restaurants and bars to prevent the passing of false identification for the purpose of enforcing the legal age for consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

  • Perfect for use by security personnel in government agencies and transportation hubs….whenever its critical to authenticate ID

  • Sturdy aluminum construction, heavy duty switch and electrical connections for years of trouble-free use.



  • Dri Mark UV Pro Plus-B Detector Pen Fraud Protection Counterfeit Bill Flashlight UVPROPLUS-B

  • 3 batteries


Dri Mark UV Pro Plus-B Detector Pen Fraud Protection Counterfeit Bill Flashlight UVPROPLUS-B