Linksys Velop WHW0103 Mesh WiFi System AC3900 3-Pack - White

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MPN: WHW0103
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Experience Flawless, Full-Strength Mesh WiFi with Velop

Easy to set up and designed to fit anywhere, Velop brings ultra-fast, full-strength mesh WiFi to your home in minutes. Featuring Intelligent Mesh technology and a sleek, modular design, the Velop mesh WiFi system spreads strong WiFi through any kind of home.


  • Mesh WiFi That Learns From You: From the moment you set up your WiFi mesh network, Intelligent Mesh Technology gets to work adapting your Velop system to your home.

  • Self-Healing: If someone accidentally unplugs a node, the other nodes will pick up the slack.

  • Self-Selecting: Even with a busy network, Velop knows how to select the clearest channel for your devices.

  • Designed to Fit Anywhere: Each Velop node features a beautiful, compact design that coordinates with any home style and decor. Multiple nodes work together as a system, so as your WiFi needs expand, simply add more nodes and interchange colors to coordinate with your home style.

  • Modular Mesh WiFi Fits Any Home: As your WiFi needs expand, you can easily add more nodes. Plug your home details into our configurator tool to find the perfect WiFi mesh system for you.

  • Future-Proof and Secure: With automatic software updates, your mesh router will always remain up-to-date and secure. Convenient, leading-edge security features allow you to block content and pause the internet for family time.

  • Fast, Reliable WiFi: Velop nodes comes equipped with Dual-Band technology, giving you exceptionally fast WiFi even when multiple WiFi devices are connected.

  • Manage Your Home WiFi Anytime, Anywhere with the Linksys App: With the Linksys App, you can closely monitor and manage your home WiFi remotely using a smartphone or tablet.

  • A WiFi Mesh Network in Minutes: Velop creates an efficient mesh WiFi network with all Internet-service-provider-supplied equipment and speeds. The simple, app-based setup will guide you through the process in minutes.


  • Linksys Velop WHW0103 Intelligent Mesh WiFi System AC3900 3-Pack - White

  • Ethernet cable (3 pcs)

  • Power adapter (3 pcs)

  • Owner's manual

  • Printed documentation

Linksys Velop WHW0103 Intelligent Mesh WiFi System AC3900 3-Pack - White