Linksys Velop WHW0203P Tri-Band Mesh WiFi System AC4800 3-Pack

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Experience Flawless, Full-Strength Mesh WiFi with Velop

Easy to set up and designed to fit anywhere, Velop brings full-strength mesh WiFi to your home in minutes. Offering ultra-fast, superior Tri-Band performance, this Velop mesh WiFi system includes one Tri-Band node and two plug-in nodes, and delivers the performance needed to support multiple WiFi devices, and more freedom of placement. It uses Intelligent Mesh Technology to provide the fastest path to the internet in any type and size of home. And with two convenient plug-in nodes, you can enjoy reliable, consistent WiFi wherever there is a wall socket--including hallways, garages, and other traditionally underused areas of your home. Velop is also modular and scales to meet your WiFi needs: simply add more nodes to easily expand your WiFi coverage.

  • Plug-In Node for Effortless Coverage: With the convenient Velop plug-in node, you'll enjoy even greater flexibility when expanding your Velop mesh WiFi system. This compact node conveniently fits into all wall sockets, helping ensure coverage in garages, hallways, and areas where you don't want cords. It's an ideal solution for homes with security systems and other smart devices that need a consistent, reliable WiFi signal. And since it only takes up one outlet and doesn't require any cables or cords, this plug-in node easily fits into any environment without adding clutter.

  • A WiFi Mesh Network In Minutes: Velop creates an efficient mesh WiFi network with all Internet-service-provider-supplied equipment and speeds. The simple, app-based setup will guide you through the process in minutes.



Velop is a flexible Whole Home Mesh WiFi system with new Plug-In nodes that fit all wall sockets for whole-home mesh WiFi

  • Intelligent Mesh Technology adapts to WiFi needs

  • Plug-in nodes for traditionally underused areas

  • Fits any wall socket to boost coverage for all your devices

  • Easy setup with Linksys App



  • Linksys Velop WHW0203P Tri-Band Intelligent Mesh WiFi System with Plug-Ins AC4800 3-Pack - White

  • Limited 3-Year Warranty


Linksys Velop WHW0203P Tri-Band Intelligent Mesh WiFi System with Plug-Ins AC4800 3-Pack - White