Logitech K830 TV Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard 920-007182

Brand: Logitech
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HTPC Keyboard for PC-to-TV Control!

  • Bright, backlit keys: By making typing easy even in the dark, this illuminated keyboard ensures your TV entertainment is fun and hassle-free.

  • Integrated wireless keyboard with touchpad: There’s a time and a place for a mouse, but it's not your knee or the arm of your couch. K830 makes navigation a whole lot more convenient by combining a wireless keyboard and touchpad into one device.

  • 10 m (33 ft) wireless range with dual connectivity: You can browse from the comfort of your couch and enjoy a fast, reliable, long-range wireless connection via Logitech Unifying or Bluetooth Smart technology.


  • Worthy of the living room: The K830 is designed to look good in your home with a combination of premium textures, metal-like finish and a unique key design in a compact, solid form.

  • Optimized key layout for HTPC: It’s everything you need to type on your connected TV

  • Media hot keys and shortcuts: Smoothly control your entertainment with K830

  • Rechargeable: You’ll never need to change batteries

  • Customizable software: The K830 comes all set to go. If you’d rather personalize the settings, you can do so using Logitech Options software.


  • Logitech K830 TV Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard 920-007182

  • Unifying receiver

  • USB Recharge Cable

  • USB Range Extender Cable

  • User documentation

Logitech K830 TV Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard 920-007182