Mophie Charge Stream Pad Universal Charging Pad WRLS-CHGBASE-10W

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For iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, Qi-enabled Devices, Samsung Devices!

10W Universal wireless charging pad with Apple and Samsung Fast Charge.

The Charge Stream Pad+ delivers up to 10W of power for fast-charging speeds to Qi-enabled smartphones on contact, and since it's optimized for Apple and Samsung Fast Charge, you'll always get the quickest wireless charge. The rubberized pad holds your phone securely in place while charging, and the included cable and wall adapter means you can start charging right out of the box. View compatible products. This new product is excluded from any discounts.



  • Compatible with Qi wireless charging standards: Designed to work seamlessly with the latest Qi technology, the Charge Stream Pad+ delivers a safe, reliable 10W charge to Qi-enabled smartphones. Just place your phone on the non-slip surface and charging begins on contact.

  • Fast Charge compatible: The Charge Stream Pad+ is compatible with both Apple and Samsung Fast Charge, so you can be sure you’re getting the fastest wireless charge possible.

  • Charges through lightweight cases: The Charge Stream Pad+ can charge through phone cases up to 3mm thick, so there’s no need to pull your case on and off every time you want to charge.

  • Small, compact, and a non-slip grip: The minimal, low-profile design fits perfectly wherever you choose to charge: at home, the office, while you travel and more. A 360-degree, rubberized, non-slip TPU coating protects your device from scratches and provides a stable surface to quickly drop and charge.

  • Safe and worry-free charging: You can feel secure leaving your phone on the Charge Stream Pad+. Fail-safe circuitry prevents over-charging and controls temperature to prevent overheating. The low standby current ensures minimal power draw when the pad is idle.

  • Charging cable and wall adapter included: A 1.5m (4.9ft) micro USB cable and QC 2.0 wall adapter are included so you can plug in and start charging immediately.



  • Mophie Charge Stream Pad and Universal Wireless Charging Pad for Qi-Enabled Smartphones WRLS-CHGBASE-10W

  • Quick-Start Guide

  • Charging Cable (Micro-USB Cable)

  • Wall Adapter


Mophie Charge Stream Pad and Universal Wireless Charging Pad for Qi-Enabled Smartphones WRLS-CHGBASE-10W