Nest Cam NC1104US Wireless Indoor Smart Security Cameras - 3-Pack

Brand: Nest
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Get three. And look after your whole home. This is what a security camera should be.

  • 24/7 live video

    Stream securely to your phone, tablet or laptop in super clear 1080p HD. Get a 130º wide­-angle view of the room. Or zoom in and enhance for a closer look.

  • Get alerts when something happens

    You can’t always be watching your video feed. So Nest Cam looks for motion and listens for sound. If something’s up, it sends an alert to your phone.

  • Night Vision done right

    Night Vision LEDs let you see the whole room at night compared to other cameras that give you a limited spotlight view.

  • Talk and listen

    Nest Cam has a mic and speaker. So you can hear what’s going on and talk back using the Nest app. When someone is about to speak, Nest Cam will chime to get your attention.

  • Already have a camera?

    Get more out of your Nest Cam or Dropcam with Video History and Nest Aware. Set up your camera and you’ll automatically get a free trial. If you love it, you can subscribe in the app once your trial ends.

Nest Cam NC1104US Wireless Indoor Smart Security Cameras - 3-Pack