SanDisk 960GB Ultra II Solid State Drive SDSSDHII-960G-G25

Brand: SanDisk
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MSRP: $399.99
  • Form Factor: 2.5"
  • Capacity: 960GB
  • Interface: SATA III

Boost your PC's performance up to 28x with an easy and affordable upgrade to SanDisk Ultra II SSD. You'll enjoy no-wait boot up and shorter application load and data transfer times than your traditional hard drive ever delivered - plus longer battery life and much cooler, quieter computing, too. No matter how you use your PC, SanDisk's nCache 2.0 technology makes for a better experience, delivering consistent high speed and endurance.

Store and access up to 960GB of your data, be it movies, photos, music, documents, or other files. As SSDs have no moving parts, they are also more durable than traditional hard drives and are better protected against damage from drops and bumps. Having no moving parts also means that SSDs receive less wear and tear, as there are no read or write heads for the drive media to come into contact with. SSDs also help to deliver improved battery life and cooler operating temperatures.


SanDisk 960GB Ultra II Internal SATA Solid State Drive SDSSDHII-960G-G25