Scosche StrikeDRIVE Car Charger for Lightning Devices I2C24A

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Quick charge your device in the car!

StrikeDRIVE supplies 12 Watts of power to charge all the latest Apple devices with a Lightning connector, including iPad (4th generation).

An extra 12 Watt USB port is included for charging all Tablets, Smartphones, MP3 players and more.



  • Quick Charge Your Devices: 12 Watts of power will charge your device as quickly and efficiently as possible. Charge the power hungry iPad (4th gen), iPad mini and other Tablets at their full potential.

    strikeDRIVE will work with anything with a Lightning connector and the extra power won't harm smaller devices like iPhone 5, iPod touch (5th gen), iPod nano (7th gen) and other Smartphones.

  • Low-Profile Design: The low-profile design ensures that this charger fits flush in most vehicles. strikeDRIVE makes efficient use of the space around your dash for a clean installation.

  • 3 Foot Coiled Cable: 3 feet of cable gives you the freedom to use your device while it charges. The captive coiled cable expands when you need it and neatly contracts when not in use.



  • iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max iPhone Xr iPhone X iPhone 8 Plus iPhone 8 iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus iPhone SE iPhone 6S iPhone 6S Plus iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 5C iPhone 5S iPhone 5 iPad Pro - 1st gen iPad Pro - 2nd gen iPad - 2nd gen iPad - 3rd gen iPad - 4th gen iPad - 5th gen iPad Mini - All iPad Air - All iPod Touch (5th gen) iPod Touch (6th gen)



  • Scosche StrikeDRIVE Car Charger for Lightning Devices and More I2C24A


Scosche StrikeDRIVE Car Charger for Lightning Devices and More I2C24A